Grease“, Yahoo Originals India (December 2014)

One Incident Which They Three Had“, The Four Quarters Magazine (August 2014 – “Big Love, Small Towns”)

Golden“, Paragraphiti (January 2014)

Birthday Boy“, The Pinch 34.1 (Spring 2014)

In a Clean Country“, Pithead Chapel 2.7 (July 2013)

Karma“, Out of Print 11 (June 2013)

Technical Support“, Helter Skelter|New Writing 1 (May 2012)

Chimera Khanna“, Bewildering Stories 398 (August 2010)


Rescued from Kaushik’s Magical World of Nonsense:

Deepak and His Marvelous Time-Traveling Shoes (That Do Not Work)

Malaise Burger

Sanguine Pizza


For the Young at Heart and Brain:

“Chandrabumps” in This Book Makes No Sense. Scholastic India

“Rocket of Doom” in Diwali Stories. Scholastic India

“The Limpet Division” in Funny Stories. Scholastic India

“Faurzho” in The Moustache Maharishi and Other Unlikely Stories. Scholastic India

Monkeys on a Fast, illustrated by Shilpa Ranade, narrated by Sanjay Dutt. Karadi Tales Company

Super Hathaman, illustrated by Chetan Sharma, narrated by Jaaved Jaaferi. Karadi Tales Company


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