I Love You With All My Heart

[Originally posted on KMWN in July 2007]

To say I love you with all my heart
would be an incomplete truth
For I love you also with my bladder and spleen
and each and every tooth.

My liver is a determined lover
and when it’s not making bile
it pines for you all night and day,
yes, it pines all the while.

My intestines, they think of you
and stop their daily digestion
I really wish they didn’t, ’cause
it gives me constipation.

A salty discharge comes from my eyes
When you are not in their view
and at the same time my nose starts running
as if I have the flu.

Of course, it’s true my brain won’t stop
dreaming about you all day
And lower down my genitals
love you in their own special way.

So you see, I love you more than
Karthik or Ram or Murugan,
For while they may love you with their hearts,
I love you with every organ.